Blaser Software - Specialized Packet Finder 1.0

The Blaser Software Specialized Packet Finder is the start to the most advanced Windows packet sniffer ever created!

Specialized Packet Finder runs on any version of server or workstation of Windows 2000 or better. Our target audience is any/all network environments where there is a need to log employee, student, visitor, or anyone's web browsing activity. This product is ideal for corporations, schools, libraries, etc.

The SPF RealTime Traffic Client (a companion download) lets the network administrator monitor real-time data capture from a remote location while data is being logged to the database. This feature allows you to catch someone in the act.

We are have decided to utilize Microsoft's SQL Server Express 2005 as our datastore for the captured traffic. SQL Server Express 2005 has a built-in reporting feaure that makes viewing the data captured a breeze!

If you are interested in trying the BETA version for free, click on the contact link and let us know. Anyone approved for the BETA program will get a discount on the final release price!!

Technologies in Use

  • Microsoft SQL Server Express 2005
  • WinPCap

Key Benefits

  • SPF runs as a Windows Service so it starts when your computer does!
  • SPF logs passive captures all web traffic on port 80 and logs it to a MS-SQL database.