Welcome to Blaser Software

Based in Pittsburgh, PA, we engineer unique software solutions that solve real-world problems.

Responsive You Say?

Yes! Blaser Software systems are designed to be light-weight and ultra-responsive. We code in C and C++ using native Windows API calls to make our executables small in size and memory usage. Easy to deploy software via a Group Policy MSI or standalone installer, we have the network administrator in mind with cafefully considered resource allocation.

License Info

Blaser Software products carry a perpetual license. This entitles you to use our products without a yearly renewal fee. Updates are availble at no cost within the same major version number (i.e. 1,x, 2.x).


We're always working to solve a unique problem with a unique solution. Graceful solutions to complicated problems are our specialty.

Who We Are

Exceptional Software

Exceptional Software

Blaser Software is a software company based in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

Our objective is to create exceptional software which helps people to get their job done. 

We maintain strict cost controls to provide our excellent software and services at prices which every organization can afford.  Our goal is to leave no one behind!

We are a technology provider.  We design and create pioneering software to help people.

Check out our products now! You can try anything before you buy!


What We Do

Low Cost Software Solutions

  • Emergency Alerting
  • Network Monitoring
  • VoIP Utilities
  • Integration with other systems

Client Markets

We have clients in...

  • Education


  • Government

  • Business


  • Military