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The premiere alerting system for Windows and networks

Our flagship software package, BEAMS, is a mass notification system that enables communication of critical information to thousands of people anywhere, anytime, on Windows workstations, VoIP desktop telephones, mobile telephones, and via social media outlets. This affords better crisis communications, emergency management, business continuity, and disaster recovery. The BEAMS system is in use by government, education and private businesses in the United States and in other countries. Learn more...

BEAMS WinUnlock

Unlock Windows workstation sessions for tech support and audit

Blaser WinUnlock is a security audit and technical support tool that allows an enterprise or domain administrator to unlock and access a locked workstation and user desktop.  Blaser WinUnlock offers system administrators the flexibility of unlock workstations to perform necessary audits, software installations, and provide technical support – all with logged activity so that the balance between convenience and security can be maintained. 
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Emergency Phone Broadcaster

Emergency Phone Broadcaster provides simultaneously, live audio paging to your Cisco IP telephones in your organization. It can be used to sending an audio announcements or pages to all the phones within an organization with the push of a button.



User Account Lockout Notification Utility

Account Lockout Notification Utility provides notification to the system Administrator when Active Directory user account become locked-out.  The utility will Administrators an e-mail notification when an user account is locked out.  Let this program help you manage your domain without the need for PowerShell scripting or working with the Task Scheduler. 

mDNSmDNS Repeater

Enable AirPlay between VLANs - Business and Education

mDNS Repeater is an enterprise-ready service that enables inter-VLAN transmission of mDNS (Bonjour) traffic to enable AirPlay functionality, satisifying the iDevice demand while keeping your network secure. Works with any network gear; vendor-agnostic.   Learn more...

                      SentinelRDP Sentinel

Protects your Remote Desktop Server from brute-force logon attacks.

RDP Sentinel is a host-based intrusion prevention system that protects your Windows Remote Desktop Server (Terminal Server - mstsc) from brute-force logon attacks. Blaser RDP Sentinel monitors the eventlog on your server for security event 4625 to detect and block further logon attempts Learn more...


Totally Unattended Kiosk

Totally Unattended Kiosk, or TUK, allows you to run Internet Explorer at system startup without logging-on to the computer. Ideal for information displays, kiosks, trade shows, etc. Try it out!  New Version 2.0 supports Windows 8!

BEAMS CertWatch

Automated system certificate store checking for Windows

This new, free utility will monitor any changes made to the Windows Certificate Stores on your system.  Certificates can be added or removed to your system for a variety of reasons.  CertWatch performs hourly scans of all system certificate stores and will report any additions or deletions from those stores when changes are made. Learn more...

BEAMS Winipcfg

Review your current TCP/IP network protocol settings

This new, free utility requires no installation.  It is designed to emulate Microsoft's Winipcfg that was included with Windows 95 and 98; an ever-so-useful tool that was never carried forward into contemporary versions of the operating system.  Learn more...


Passive network traffic logger for HTTP transactions

SPF is an enterprise-wide web traffic logger used to passively monitor surfing in the workplace, libraries and schools.  Learn more...



Our products carry a perpetual license.  Product updates are included for the first year.  Update entitlements can be secured for ensuing years for current and future versions of our software applications.

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